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Dec. 8th, 2006 | 01:48 pm
posted by: _shadoweyes_ in thepride

You know I only realised I had been confirmed as part of this community when I came to update my user profile since it was over a year out of date and therefore awfully inaccurate...anyway the above ramble is my poor reason for not posting this introduction sooner!

Well I go by the name of ShadowEyes online but the name my parents landed my with is Suzi. I am 18 years old from Manchester in the UK and currently studying a biology degree.
I have known myself to be feline for a long time, waaay before I know there was a term for it. I accepted myself as I was from a young age (as a crazy tomboy with a warped sense of humour and a feline turn of mind) and didn't bother to look any deeper into my kittyness until I stumbled across a therian site around 2 years ago and triggered the obligatory 'o-kay...there's a word for it?' reaction.

So I finally decided to get off my butt and actually do some serious introspection for curiosities sake. I consider myself to be felinehuman with little distinction between the two I can never truly separate the two aspects of myself because I only experience the world in one way- as myself feline and human simultaneously one and the other however I notice myself thinking or acting in a more / less feline way if I'm actively looking for the difference, though I'm not fond of the analogy the 'sliding scale' idea helps put my beliefs into perspective, I slide along from more or less human more or less feline depending on my mood, environment, company and current situation. For example I act and think in a more feline way if I am under stress or in a situation that requires swift decisive action rather than thinking everything to death in a rational human way. I occasionally experience strong and very noticeable M-shifts due to one or more of the above reasons or sometimes for no reason at all!
As far as wereside/theriotype/pheno (I use all of these terms interchangeably)I suppose I consider myself a cladotherianthrope in that I feel a 'connection' (for lack of a better word) with pretty much all felines which fits in nicely with my ideas about the fluidity of the soul, i.e. since I am not actually a feline in body there is no reason my soul/mindset should be rigidly stuck to one form when felines are all fairly closely related. However I do identify strongly with the Bengal Tiger and African Leopard, my identification with Tiger came first followed by leopard around a year later. Both aspects were there all along but I only started to differentiate between the two when I put my mind to it, so to speak.

So, yeah…that’s me. Pleasure to meet you all!

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