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Nov. 4th, 2008 | 09:01 pm
location: Homish
mood: awake
posted by: tempest_storm in thepride

Well this is a long time in coming... and only because well, I'm pruning my friends list and such.

My name is tempest. I live in Australia. I'm a black panther, and have known of my... "difference" for as long as I can remember.. (kinder/pre-school/primary school). When I was growing up I found that because of my... behavior and general feline... inclinations, I was initially shunned by my "peers", and quickly found that "acting" the way every one else was was a quick way to acceptance. I got moved from the school that i was at as the "damage" had been done there, and got to start fresh.

From that point, it took a very long time to try and figure out if I was crazy or not. I guess you could say that with out the "human model" of how you should "behave" I would be a very different person. It was a blessing that I had access to the internet at an early age, not that there was overtly much on the subject at that time... I have become heartened to find more and more people online who share the same experiences as myself, and have even met a fair few therians in real life. I'm my time i have experienced full mental shifts, and to this day always have feelings of phantom limbs... some times to the point where I simply cant wear shoes and the like as they hurt my "paws".

I have a very understanding girlfriend who is very used to the mental shifts, and does in fact encourage me to "just be me" which is a blessing that I'm forever thankful for. I consider myself Pagan in belief and enjoy the seasonal holidays very much. I have a very strong love for music, which I also play and write and love simply to sit and play music with friends over a good drink.

There is a little on me.


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