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thepride's Journal

The Pride, a Feline Haven
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The Pride is a place where feline therians may come and discuss issues that are important to, well, felines. Anywhere from thwarting the next big hoax, to understanding or expressing one's wildness, to discussions of almost any sort.

There are a few things I'd like to ask of you.

1) Politeness. There is a difference between being funny, being cute, and being rude. You don't have to get Shakespeare-ish on me, just play nice.

2) Harassment. If someone starts a flame war, I will take action. It could range anywhere from a warning to a permanent ban from the group.

3) Grammar. I'd like to be able to read your posts. So would everyone else. If English isn't your strong point, then I encourage you to try your best. NO IM SPEAK. If I see 'lols' out the whazoo, I'm gonna be pissed.

Your friendly kitty maintainers are lionskye and felina_sandhya

Thank you for your time.